Senior Citizens Property Tax Relief

At this week’s legislative session of the Council of the District of Columbia, Councilmember Anita Bonds (D-At-large) introduced legislation that will exempt many senior residents from paying property taxes. The “Senior Citizen Real Property Tax Relief Act of 2013,” will allow elder residents who have maintained residency for 25 years or more to be exempt from real property taxes, if the homeowner is aged 75 years or older and earns less than $60,000.00 annually.

“The District has a history of offering millions upon millions of tax exemptions for businesses, non-profits, and development projects yearly and we should bring equal tax relief to our elder seniors who have given so much to our city during both prosperous and dire economic times,” stated Councilmember Bonds, who touted the proposal during her campaign for election.

If enacted thousands of older residents, who live mostly on fixed incomes, would be able to age in place and maintain their properties without having to worry about rising property taxes due to the district’s robust real estate market.

Councilmember Bonds will work with Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), Chair of the Committee on Finance and Revenue to move the measure out of committee and ensure the bill’s final passage.

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